Management Plan

Lynx lynx, Ursus arctos, Canis lupus

All three species of large carnivores can cause damage on livestock and game species, which puts them into conflict with human economic intersts. This problem is partially solved since 2000 by Act No. 115/2000 Gazette, on providing compensation of damage caused by selected specially protected animals, but it is not a satisfactory solution. Negative attitude of public towards large carnivores and related high rate of poaching remain the main causes of threat to the existence of these species in our country.
The pivotal measure of the proposed Management Plan for large carnivores in the Czech Republic is therefore an extensive educational campaign, which should proceed at three different levels at the same time. The goal of this campaign is a change in public opinion and lowering the pressure of illegal hunting. Related measures should make the system of solving damage caused by large carnivores more effective, improve the cooperation of nature conservation with the Police of the Czech Republic while solving cases of illegal hunting, and development of international cross-border cooperation on monitoring and conservation of large carnivores with neighbouring countries. Essential part of the Management Plan is also regular monitoring of populations and research of certain aspects of their biology and role in the ecosystem. The Management Plan is proposed for a period of 10 years.