Action Plan

Bohemian Early Gentian (Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica)

The general aim of this Action Plan is to ensure the existence of stable fructifying populations of Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica in at least 70% of its presently existing sites.

The main objectives of the Action Plan under preparation are:
  • To stop the decrease in numbers and population sizes of the Bohemian Early Gentian in the Czech Republic.
  • To enlarge the abundance of the Bohemian Early Gentian in all sites, if there is a chance to enlarge the extent of appropriately managed habitats.
As a part of the Action Plan, the following measures will be taken:
  • Establishment of protected areas in all such designed sites with following introduction of their optimal management; elaboration of a management plan ans its implementation in all potentially perspective recent sites with the aim of trying to renew or stabilize the populations of Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica.
  • Monitoring of populations of the species and of effectivity of the launched management.
  • Research in biology and ecology of the species.

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