Action Plan

Long-stalked Pondweed (Potamogeton Praelongus)

The Action Plan for critically endangered species Potamogeton praelongus was approved by the Ministry of the Environment in May 2003. The main warrantor is ANCLP CR – RNDr. Romana Prausová (ANCLP, region Hradec Králové, and also University Hradec Králové, formerly ANCLP, region Pardubice), other investigators are Mgr Vlastik Rybka (Botanical Garden Prague), RNDr. Štěpán Husák, CSc. (both from Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences of the ČR, Třeboň) and RNDr. Jaroslav Rydlo (Central-Bohemian Museum, Roztoky near Prague).

The main objective of the Action Plan for the Long-stalked Pondweed is to preserve the species in its present site Rameno by Stříbrný rybník (Silver Pond), and to create at least two substitute viable populations in wider surroundings.

To achieve the given goal, the following activities and measures are planned:
  • Monitoring the population and habitat in the Natural Monument Rameno near Stříbrný rybník, regular mapping of the occurrence of stands in the site, monitoring the number of stems in each of them. At the same time, to measure selected characteristics of aquatic environment – pH, conductivity, basic nutrients, depth, temperature, transparency of the water.
  • Survey of historical and potential sites. To gather necessary data about river pools, cut-off meanders and shallow parts of sand-pits in areas of traditional occurrence of the Long-stalked Pondweed in the past. Subsequently to identify 3-6 potentially suitable sites for a repatriation of the species.
  • To establish populations in selected substitute sites. Based on availability of plant material from rescue culture, to try to establish at least two reserve populations. Planted populations will be monitored using the same methodology as in populations in Rameno near Stříbrný rybník.
  • Study of biology and ecology of the species. As a part of growing the species in rescue cultures, there will be an ongoing research of biology of germination and growth of saplings, and monitoring of sedimentation of fine debris and algae growth on the plants.
  • To increase awareness of general public in the Czech Republic about the intentions of this Action Plan and its results.