Action Plan

Marsh Angelica (Angelica palustris)

The Marsh Angelica occurred in the past in seven sites in the Polabí (Elbe River Basin) and Pomoraví (March River Basin), presently only one site exists in Central Moravia – Hrdibořické rybníky. The species has been systematically replanted in this area since 1998 using an authentic plant material, which had survived in ex situ rescue culture since the end of the late 1980s. Attempts to restore a second population in a fen near Černovír have not been successful yet.

The objective of the Rescue Programme Marsh Angelica a long-term restoration of the species populations in at least two sites in the Czech Republic.

The Action Plan for Marsh Angelica was prepared in 1998 and approved by the Ministry of the Environment in 2000. Presently, an evaluation of its implementation and a preparation of next phases are in progress.

An important presumption for the success of this Action Plan is an appropriate management of habitats with occurrence of the Marsh Angelica. In these habitats, meadow biotopes are being mowed regularly. The mowing is carried out twice a year, in order to lower the competition of other meadow species (the first mowing being carried out in early June, the second one when the achenes have ripened).

In addition, many special measures are being implemented in order to strengthen the species. These measures are usually carried out by specialized companies or non-governmental organizations and consist of sowing seeds, planting saplings, mowing groups of plants and other actions. In the framework of these activities, also a research in biology of the species is permanently under way.

Last but not least, a popularization of the Marsh Angelica and its conservation in the Czech Republic is being emphasized.