Action Plan

Bohemian Sand Pink (Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus)

Different measures with the objective of preserving the only population of critically endangered endemic Bohemian sand pink have been going on in National Nature Monument (NNM) Kleneč since the end of the 1980s, when the state of the site had already been critical. There were approximately 200 last old clusters of Bohemian sand pink surviving in Kleneč, near Vražkov it has already disappeared. Actions carried out included both direct strengthening of the population with plants grown in culture (but originating from seeds collected in Kleneč) and direct dissemination of seeds in exposed spots. These activities have been in progress since 1986 as a part of then task of a state plan of basic research SPZV VI-1-6/11 “Theoretical and Practical Principles of Species Conservation.”
Habitat management, mostly removing allochtonous woody species, expansive grasses, snatching away turf and mowing, was then carried out in accordance with the Management Plan.

A fundamental paper proposing an Action Plan for Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus was written in 2005 and was approved by the Ministry of the Environment in 2008.

The objective of the Action Plan for Dianthus arenarius subsp. bohemicus is:
  • To ensure stabilization and gradual spreading of the population of Bohemian Sand Pink in the site near Kleneč,
  • to enlarge population in a substitute site near Kyškovice and to support its natural growth,
  • to suggest and implement measures to optimize the habitat conditions in both sites,
  • to deposit enough seeds in a seed bank and to ensure their long-term viability,
  • to reach minimum costs for protection of the species in the future.

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