Action Plan

Scarce Fritillary (Euphydryas maturna)

Main goal of the Action Plan is to ensure long-term survival of Scarce Fritillary in the Czech Republic.

Fulfilment of this intention should be achieved by implementation of the following measures that are heading towards the set short-, medium-, and long-term objectives:
  • change in forest management at current locality with Scarce Fritillary occurrence and ensuring long-term suitable management,
  • careful selection of localities suitable for repatriation of the species and ensuring proper management at these localities,
  • repatriation of the species to selected localities,
  • regular monitoring of population(s) and of the influence of implemented management on population(s),
  • public education and research in the area of genetics.

Given the current situation of Scarce Fritillary in the Czech Republic, the most important measure right now is ensuring suitable management at the last locality of its occurrence in Dománovický and Žiželický forests, which should lead to increase in abundance in this local population. Repatriations of the species to other suitable localities will be dependent on successful fulfilment of this first and most important step, as well as on measures regarding preparation of selected habitats. However, with respect to long-term survival of Scarce Fritillary in the Czech Republic, they will be necessary. At the same time, localities for repatriations should be selected considering the possibility of creating larger metapopulation systems and taking into account new genetic knowledge about the species. Of course, monitoring of population state and regular evaluations and optimalizations of habitat management will be an integral part of the Action Plan.